Sunday, December 8, 2019

Plans for 2020!

Yes I already did a post about my 2020 Goals but I figured i'd share some ideas I have for 2020! As I plan to be more active here in 2020.

I was thinking of still doing the weekly hauls but start it on the first of January for a clean start and do "Week 1 Book Haul: 2020" or something along those lines for the 52 weeks (with the last one being just a little longer for the extra days at the end of the year). Also if I get stuff from other sites, like Etsy, I can do those hauls separately (or possibly together depending on how much/what I get, though if I did that i'd just call it "haul" instead of "book haul"). If I do seperate hauls like "Etsy Haul" they probably won't be consistent or weekly, it'll just depend on how much/when I get things.

Book reviews, or as I call them book thoughts. I don't want posts to be super long (usually) so in general it seems single book reviews will be better on most occasions. If I read some short stories, graphic novels or something I might lump more than one in a post if it makes sense to do so.

I want to do other hobbies, like make art by drawing or painting, play some video games, watch tv shows and movies, doing puzzles, listen to podcasts and start writing (I really do want to start writing, at least try!). I am worried about the fact this blog is titled "book blog" and I want to branch out into other things but I don't want to confuse people by changing the link. It'll still be very book related so maybe it's ok as i'm sure people understand just because someone reads doesn't mean that is all they do. Multiple hobbies is fine. Do let me know what you think.

For the other hobbies I might show art progress or talk about the games I play or what I watch or podcasts I end up liking. Maybe do writing progress updates if I get shit done in that regard. That all depends on what I end up doing.

Other things I am thinking of doing include stuff like "books I want to read" with a theme, like "crip lit" "queer" "horror" "fantasy" etc. Also recommendations that are themed like that as well. Discussions of different topics. Tags. I want to read some "taboo" and "controversial" things and if I want to talk about them, I will. I refuse to be shamed for reading something.

Maybe read some fanfiction, original stories on wattpad and the like, webcomics and such...and talk about them too. I've put off reading stuff I want to read because it "doesn't count" towards a Goodreads challenge, but as my goals post stated I won't be doing a Goodreads challenge anymore (it's just not for me, i'm not against it and I don't think i'm superior for quitting it, i'm glad I've done it the past few years I just don't want to anymore, that's all) so the hell with that, i'll read what I want to read. And if I want to gush about a webcomic or something, why not?

I have several ideas, written down, that I would love to do, and i'm always willing to listen to suggestions! So i'm excited to see where 2020 takes me. I also wanted to talk a bit about the Reader's Bill of Rights.

I am definitely all for the Reader's Bill of Rights. I'm not sure if there is a story to how Daniel Pennac came up with it or anything, but I love the idea of it.

The Right to not read. Yes. I love to read and want to read many things but as stated I also want to do other hobbies as well, and that is ok. If I get caught up binging a show or making a few art pieces for awhile, that's ok, and I can talk about that stuff too. :D

The Right to not finish. Yup, sometimes I DNF. I don't DNF often, one because I like to give a book a chance and two because I tend to know my own tastes pretty well, however sometimes a DNF just has to happen. I may or may not talk about a book i've DNF'd but if I do I will make it clear that I DNF'd it and where.

The Right to reread. Yes, there are so many books I want to reread!

Everything is self explanatory in the Reader's Bill of rights I just wanted to mention it. And I want to add The Right to Not Review. If I read a book and don't have anything to say about it or don't want to or have the spoons (a chronically ill thing-you can look up "spoonie" if you don't know what I mean) to do so, then I don't have to.

Don't get me wrong, I love reading and talking about books and will continue to review books this is just me giving myself permission to not review EVERY single thing I read for whatever reason. If it's on Goodreads i'll be logging it there so stuff will be there. But some stuff i'll just naturally have more to say about then others. I read and want to read a lot of things. I just have to tell myself it's ok to just read for me. That is enough.

I also want to add, not to the bill of rights but just to mention, diversity is still important to me and always will be. Just because i'll be taking less stats and mood reading doesn't mean diversity will fall by the wayside! I'm queer and disabled, diversity is incredibly important to me. I want to read many diverse books. Queer books, Crip Lit, Books by and about POC, books on mental health and neurodiversity, all the things.

I'm not worried about not reading diversely because I WANT to pick up those books so much! And I actually hope mood reading will get me to read more of them! I do want to read diversely in ALL ways though and that includes age category and genre. I just have broad tastes and want to read many things.

I can't wait to see what 2020 will bring me. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment! What do you hope to do in 2020?

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Dec 1st to Dec 7th, 2019 Weekly Book Haul

Amazon Freebies

Fur-miliar Felines by Harper Lin: I know it's book #7 in a series has a cat on the cover. Sort of. Kitttyyyy. lol

Jim's First Day by Joseph Zuko: I don't know, zombies, free, why not.

Top Shelf by Allison Temple: M/M romance

The Dying Hour by Rick Mofina: I don't get mystery/thriller's that often but I saw I already had books #2 & 3 in this series so...this is the first one and it was free. They were all free.

A Soulmark Series: Books 1-3: Lycan & Vampire Soulmark Series by Rebecca Main: Paranormal romance, books #1-3 for free, why not...

Ryder by Ali Parker and Weston Parker: Romance...erotica...

Audible Original Audiobooks

Buried Deep by Margot Hunt: A thriller

House of Teeth by Dan Jolley: A fantasy kids book I think.

For the Amazon freebies, I just happened to see they were free (usually because of bookbub). Often they are only free for a short time so I can't guarantee they still are when you see this. The audible originals are part of having audible.

So those are all the books i've picked up in the week. What have you picked up? Any of these sound interesting? Comment down below! :)

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Friday, December 6, 2019

The Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite book thoughts

The Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite

Synopsis: As Lucy Muchelney watches her ex-lover’s sham of a wedding, she wishes herself anywhere else. It isn’t until she finds a letter from the Countess of Moth, looking for someone to translate a groundbreaking French astronomy text, that she knows where to go. Showing up at the Countess’ London home, she hoped to find a challenge, not a woman who takes her breath away.

Catherine St Day looks forward to a quiet widowhood once her late husband’s scientific legacy is fulfilled. She expected to hand off the translation and wash her hands of the project—instead, she is intrigued by the young woman who turns up at her door, begging to be allowed to do the work, and she agrees to let Lucy stay. But as Catherine finds herself longing for Lucy, everything she believes about herself and her life is tested.

While Lucy spends her days interpreting the complicated French text, she spends her nights falling in love with the alluring Catherine. But sabotage and old wounds threaten to sever the threads that bind them. Can Lucy and Catherine find the strength to stay together or are they doomed to be star-crossed lovers?

In a nutshell: A Sapphic historical romance taking place in the early 1800s.

Published: July 23rd, 2019
Format: Physical
Number of Pages: 322
Finished: December 2019
Rating: 5⭐
Diversity: Queer women MC's (not explicitly stated but I read Catherine as bi and Lucy as a lesbian personally), some queer side characters, poc side characters

My Thoughts

I freaking loved this! I adored the characters, especially Lucy. A very strong woman who knows what she wants and doesn't take crap. Don't get me wrong, she has her insecurities for sure, but she still has a strength within her than shines. Catherine has been hurt in the past and is very insecure in the beginning despite having the countess act down in public. She hides it well but she's hurting. I loved her character arc and seeing her grow stronger. Both women have their own interests and personalities that I really enjoyed getting to see. Both are interesting characters that I loved in their own rights. I also felt for Catherine with what she had been through and some stuff rang quite true for me too.

I definitely noticed the historical elements. I mean i'm not a history buff so I very well missed things (and probably did) but having recently read Romantic Outlaws: The Extraordinary Lives of Mary Wollstonecraft & Mary Shelley by Charlotte Gordon among other things on Mary Shelley and her mother and about that time period I was happy to read this book, though fictional, set in that time period. There were quite a few "heck yes!" moments. Especially in regards to the Fellows of the Polite Science Society, which is a fictional group of scholar men that are sexist, which gets challenged and i'll leave it at that as I don't want to spoil things. I'll just say I loved how it all went!

There were some beautiful quotes having to do with science and art. I didn't mind the art or science talk at all. It was never confusing and my interest never wavered. It made me think, as well as feel inspired!

I enjoyed the steady plot, the themes, the romance, the strong and believable women...I enjoyed every bit of it. The romance was sweet, believable, not too angsty, not too fast. Had some nice steamy moments. It made me feel all the feels, and I mean ALL the feels! It also filled my heart with joy, pure queer joy, and I can't wait to read more by the author! There is a second book supposed to come out next year, The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows, and from the synopsis it sounds like a companion book with different characters. Which I am not mad about, as The Lady's Guide to Celestial Mechanics reads as a full story to me and i'm excited to read more by Olivia Waite!

My Review on Goodreads

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Citrus Vol. 10 by Saburouta book thoughts

Citrus Vol. 10 by Saburouta

Published: July 23rd, 2019
Format: Physical
Number of Pages: 180
Finished: December 2019
Rating: 5⭐

This concludes the main story of Citrus which is a yuri managa. A romance between new stepsisters. One a student council president with the world on her shoulders and the other quite the individual and caring. Or at least that is how it looks to me. I loved learning about the characters through-out the 10 volumes as well as the drama and the sweetness. I loved this final volume. Yes I do agree it's a bit...rushed. But I love it so much I don't care (and sometimes life can be that way too-rushed I mean). And it's wonderful to see everyone cheering them on. I got to love the other characters as well. Best girl friends being wonderful friends. And sometimes annoying. I am so glad there will be a sort of spin off series and can't wait to see what their future holds!

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Monday, December 2, 2019

'Salem's Lot by Stephen King book thoughts

'Salem's Lot by Stephen King

Published: Oct 17th, 1975
Format: Physical
Number of Pages: 653
Finished: November 2019
Rating: 3⭐

I liked it. I didn't love or hate it. A lot of religion that mostly felt preachy to me which I don't care for (regardless of why). Though I liked the ending (which seems to be rare for a King book). I liked it a lot more than Bram Stoker's Dracula. And this is Stephen King's take on Dracula. I don't really have many thoughts on it. I liked it ok enough. That's about it.

I hate to say it but I don't quite understand why people say it's so scary. Though I understand what is scary will differ from person to person. It kinda left me cold. It was a bit creepy at times but I was mostly bored. Though I did read it during a hard month and while I was sick so...maybe I need to give it a re-read at some point. I liked the characters and atmosphere enough but that's just it. I kept getting confused by the amount of characters. It's hard to review 3 star books.

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Nov 24th to Nov 30th, 2019 Weekly Book Haul

Amazon Freebies

The Beauty of the Zodiac...: The Prelude to Students of the Signs Book 1: Discovery by Natasha Pierre-Louis: I believe I saw that this was free on twitter? I don't know. I saw it was free and figured why not. I have no idea what it's about. At all. But it says zodiac and has a pretty cover got me lol.

Mummified Meringues by Leighann Dobbs: At this point I have several books by this author and i've read none of them. And they were all free. I don't know if I like cozy mysteries really, i've read like 2. One being the first book in the Amelia Peabody series, which I enjoyed (and need to re-read and continue that series) and the other being a DNF from Netgalley. I need to read more cozy mysteries.

The Librarian's Vampire Assistant by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff: Vampire Paranormal Romance.

Fallen Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan: This is the first book in a spin-off series of another series that I have the first 2 books of (and 2 prequels apparently) that I believe I also got as freebies. And haven't read. So many books. So little time. At least I won't run out of reading material.

The Cult Called Freedom House by Stephanie Evelyn: Horror...cults...

Blurred Red Lines by Cora Kenborn: A dark romantic suspense novel.

A Little Like Destiny by Lisa Suzanne: Contemporary Romance.

Her First Audition: A Naughty and Submissive First-Time Lesbian Story by Mazy Rain: Lesbian. Erotica.

First Time Escort by Mazy Rain: More lesbian erotica.

The Patience of a Dead Man by Michael Clark: A horror story with ghosts.

Lost to the Night by Adele Clee: Adult historical fiction paranormal romance with vampires.


Nightblood by T. Chris Martindale: Another reprint from Paperbacks from Hell. Has vampires.

So those are all the books i've picked up in the week. What have you picked up? Any of these sound interesting? Comment down below! :)

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Friday, November 29, 2019

2020 Goals!

1) My most important goal for 2020? Figure out how to mood-read! I know people complain about being mood-readers and here I am complaining about actually being able to stick to TBR's (granted I usually can't finish all the books because I make them too ambitious but everything I read is on the TBR's). Why am I complaining about being able to stick to TBR's? Because I make them out of buddy reads/group reads/readathons/time of the year and...really really want to read other books I just never get to. Things keep getting pushed aside or ignored for one reason or another and i've had enough of it. I read as a hobby. I read for many reasons but the most important one to me is for fun and enjoyment. That's it.

I want to find a love of reading that I forgot. I said before I found it again thanks to booktube but I realize now I only partially did because I got caught up in TBR's to my detriment and forgot the joy of mood-reading. Just picking up what I wanted when I wanted to pick it up. I miss that so much. So my December TBR for 2019? I hope that's the last TBR I ever make. I will still participate in buddy and group reads and readathons if I want to. But no more TBR's. I'm not against them for others of course, just for me personally.

I do still plan on participating in the Goosebumps Book Club and the R.L. Stine Buddy Reads in the Horror Aficionados Goodreads Group. None of those books take long anyway and I (usually) enjoy R.L. Stine. I also have a Goodreads Group Creatures, Creatures Everywhere! that I plan to participate in the group reads as often as possible. Other than's whatever I decide to pick up! I'll ask myself what mood i'm in, how i'm feeling, if a book is calling my name. What will I read in 2020 and beyond? Who knows! I hope I have fun finding out!

2) No more Goodreads challenge! I'm not against it. I just don't think it serves me to do it anymore going forward. I'm glad i've done it the past few years, but it's stressful. And that isn't why I read. I like Mother Horror's blog post about a Goodreads rest Here. I was already planning on doing the same thing when I saw it and i'm glad to see it's not just me! I'll still be ON Goodreads, so if you follow me there you can see what I pick up and all that, I just won't have a set Goodreads challenge. I can still see in my shelves my stats and books for the year even without the challenge. And i'll keep track of stuff in my bullet journal.

3) Read more comics. I have comixology. I need to freaking use it!

4) Read at least 8 books from my 40 books I want to read before I turn 40 list. I'm not behind on anything I just would like to not actually take until i'm 40 to read them all lol. If possible anyway. No set 8, i've read 4 of them so far so i'm on track. That leaves 36 to choose from. My birthday is technically in February so it's close enough to the start of the year to mention it. I'll be 31. o_o

5) Do More Hobbies. Create art, play video games, do puzzles, watch tv and movies...maybe start writing. Basically do the hobbies I want to do when I want to do them. And I may blog about them too! 2020 will be my year of learning self-care and how to do me, I hope.

6) It would be nice if I could read what I have from Netgalley, and preferably stay away from Netgalley after that but we shall see.

Other: I hope to do a lot of things in 2020 but I just want to see what the year will bring. I hope to blog more. I hope to read diversely in all ways. I hope to learn to draw. Play some fun games. Be 100% me. Be happy. As happy as I can be anyway. I'm scared of 2020 but also hopeful for it as well. What do you plan for in 2020? What are your goals?

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