Thursday, October 20, 2016

Killer Pizza: The Slice by Greg Taylor Book Thoughts (Book #2 in Killer Pizza Trilogy)

The Blurb

"Four months after they discover that their new place of employment, Killer Pizza, was a front for an underground Monster Hunting Organization, Toby and his fellow rookie Monster Combat Officers, Annabel and Strobe, have been invited to New York City to tour KP Headquarters. But the exclusive tour is cut short when a monster emergency sends the trio off on a secret mission delivering Calanthe, a beautiful 14-year-old, defecting monster with serpent-like abilities, into the Monster Protection Program. It seems like an easy assignment until the teens realize Calanthe is the sacrificial offering in a ceremony set to happen in a few days and her people will stop at nothing to get her back!"

My Thoughts

This is a very fast-paced and action-packed book! It still has some R.L.Stine and Buffy vibes for me. I loved seeing more of the characters, especially Strobe, and finding a new character to love, Calanthe. It has a lot of action in it's pages and feels more like an action book than a horror book to me personally but I loved it just the same!

It can be cheesy at times, and I saw another review mentioning that it does some telling rather than showing and explaining what that ment, which is a fair point (I didn't know what that ment before really). I rolled my eyes a couple times but it didn't personally bother me, I know it might to others though. I love me some cheesy action-packed horror book, but of course it's not everyone's cup of tea, but if it is yours ala Goosebumps maybe i'd recommend it! It does have a nice little message about choosing your own destiny in there too.

The characters are fleshed out to me, continuing on from the first book in the trilogy. The pacing is great. The writing is a bit cheesy in areas but for the most part I loved it and nothing bothered me too much. I gave it 4.75 out of 5 stars.

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