Sunday, October 23, 2016

Killer Pizza: Vampire Stakes by Greg Taylor Book Thoughts (Book #3 in Killer Pizza Trilogy)

The Blurb

"When Toby Magill, now a veteran of Killer Pizza’s underground Monster Hunting Organization, makes the chilling discovery that vampires have invaded the small town of Raven's Run, he and his fellow Monster Combat Officers, Annabel and Strobe, have no time to lose. They must defeat the undead creatures before their numbers spread. But in this action packed third Killer Pizza adventure, the KP teens find themselves up against a supernatural enemy far more dangerous than any they have faced so far.

The challenges - including a midnight battle in an unearthly cemetery, a creepy, abandoned mansion and a beautiful but very lethal young vampire - are many. Can the MCOs prevail? Or will their perilous mission prove to be their last? Anything is possible in the deadly monster universe of Killer Pizza!"

My Thoughts

I unfortunately had something horrible happen in real life while I was reading this book that put a damper on it for me. Hopefully that doesn't bring the book down, as that isn't the books fault, but it might be bringing it down anyway. Anyway...

This is another great action-packed book in the Killer Pizza trilogy! The last one sadly as far as I am aware. I loved getting to know the characters even more and seeing their interactions with each other and life in general. The plot was pretty fast-paced, it's a quick easy read and full of action scenes. I had a few issues while reading the book but some of them were addressed in it, all pretty minor (to me). It still has that same cheesy feel to it but to me that's a guilty pleasure read, only I don't feel guilty about it because why should I?

Toby, the main character, goes through some character development which for the most part I loved. If real life hadn't messed me up (my cat passed away in an accident) i'm sure this would have immersed me much more and sucked me just like the first 2. If you've read and enjoyed the first 2 I think you'll enjoy this last book. I do wish we had more at the end kind of left off a bit more open ended than I would have liked but over all I am satisfied with the journey these books took me on.

And why is this last book on kindle only? I mean I have a tablet that allows me to use the Amazon kindle app but having the first 2 in paperback just feels...weird to have this one kindle plus that means if someone doesn't have an Ereader of some sort, they are out of luck. Though reading stuff at the end of this book seems to show this one wasn't even planned initially so it may not be completely necessary but if you love the first 2 generally people would want to pick up the next book, only to find out...they can't? Sorry that's an odd gripe I guess.

Overall I enjoyed it and gave it 4.25 out of 5 stars.

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