Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sunstone by Stjepan Šejić Volume 5 Book Thoughts

Oh man what a ride! This is the final volume in this ARC (not in the story itself) and I have fallen in love with these characters! It's a story about 2 women interested in BDSM and try it out with each other, and end up falling in love. It's sweet, it's funny, it's frustrating, it's heart-breaking, it even has some thought-provoking stuff in there and I love it all!

I had mentioned a couple volumes ago about bi-erasure, which was cleared up in this one I think? I still feel iffy about it but i'm thinking now that could just be me and this is another story, but it was addressed, which I did appreciate!

Also there were some scenes that made me uncomfortable, but in a good way! I'm seeing that now, at the time I was just uncomfortable and confused. I saw too much of myself in Lisa, when she is dealing with self-loathing about her flaws, that needed attention for their relationship to survive. I already related to Lisa and to see that, blown up in a comic like it was, was a bit hard to deal with, but I do think it was well done! I wouldn't have if Ally hadn't also owned up to her own flaws and mistakes but she did. Neither girl is perfect but they are both wonderful characters! It just happens to be told from Lisa's POV.

The only bad thing I can really say is I did feel it dragged on a bit but I would love more with these characters! So....XD There will be more, the future ARCs are centered around other characters but Ally and Lisa will still be there, you can check out the author's deviantart here if you want.

I wish I had re-read the previous volumes but I also think it'll be better to do so now knowing what I know, I think a re-read would be perfect! I gave this volume 4 stars but really it deserves more. That was just me and I highly recommend this series!

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