Friday, April 14, 2017

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern book thoughts

Title: The Night Circus
Series: Standalone
Author: Erin Morgenstern
Published Date: September 13th, 2011
Publisher: Anchor
Source: I bought it
# of Pages: 512
Genre: Fantasy/Historical Fiction/Romance
Read: April 2017

Goodreads Synopsis:

"The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within the black-and-white striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements. It is called Le Cirque des RĂªves, and it is only open at night.

But behind the scenes, a fierce competition is underway: a duel between two young magicians, Celia and Marco, who have been trained since childhood expressly for this purpose by their mercurial instructors. Unbeknownst to them both, this is a game in which only one can be left standing. Despite the high stakes, Celia and Marco soon tumble headfirst into love, setting off a domino effect of dangerous consequences, and leaving the lives of everyone, from the performers to the patrons, hanging in the balance."

Rating: 4.25 stars

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Favorite Quote: "People wish what they wish to see. And in most cases, what they are told that they see."

My Thoughts

I read this for Tome Topple and because i've wanted to read it for awhile now. I've heard so many good things about it, and now I understand why!

Problem is i'm not sure where to begin or what to say. It involves a competition between Celia and Marco. Neither asked to be in a competition, they were put into it, Celia by her father and Marco by a guy who basically adopted him but for the purpose of putting him in the competition. It's not a ruthless sword-fight type of battle but one of magic and stamina. I hated Celia's father and Marco's master/adopted father, for how they treated Celia and Marco. I loved Celia and Marco though! I felt so bad for them and fell in love with them. I also fell in love with the other characters as well, especially the twins Poppet and Widget. And the precious kittens...yes there be kittens!

The world-building is so intricate and atmospheric. Honestly this is a slow paced book...and despite that I loved every second of it! It takes one heck of a book to be both slow and utterly captivating, and The Night Circus did just that! The way the Circus, the field for the competition, was described was a feast for all the senses! Tastes of delicious circus fare, the way everything looked, the intoxicating smells of the foods, everything was so beautifully described and I got very entranced with it all!

I wanted to be in the circus myself and while I was reading I felt like I was transported in it. I wanted so badly for it to be real so I could be in it and never leave. That would be truly magical and awesome! I even fell in love with the Ice Garden, despite the fact I hate the cold I think i'd love it there!

I feel like if I hadn't been having trouble sleeping (I haven't been sleeping much...insomnia is a bitch) I would have enjoyed it even more and took more from it. I need to re-read it one day! And even though I have been lacking sleep I still loved it!

There is so much magic within these pages and I wish I could live in this world. I want mooooree. I definitely recommend this book!


  1. I need to re-read this book soon! Great review!

    1. Thank you! :D At some point i'll need to re-read it too!