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The Nocturnal Reader's Box April 2017: Trapped Review

The Nocturnal Reader's Box is a book subscription box for adult horror, sci-fi, fantasy and psychological thriller books. I subscribed to them in December of 2016 after watching a few unboxings of their boxes. I believe they started in Ocotber so I had watched an unboxing of their first 2 boxes and then subbed. You get $60-80 worth if I remember right of stuff in each box, for only $35 plus shipping and handling. In the US I find it to be a great value! I'm not sure how it is in other countries. 2 books, one newer release one older, both new books and a bunch of other things according to each months theme. I've been really enjoying their boxes so i figured why not try and review them on this blog? They do include books and bookish things after all! My photo taking is not great, i'll work on that for future boxes, promise! Their website is at

April: Trapped

You also get a card (not shown) that tells what everything is that is in the box as well as that months' theme, and on the other side what next month's theme is.

New Release: Little Heaven by Nick Cutter 1:5 signed (mine was not), yes sometimes you get signed things! I don't remember which month or book it was off the top of my head but I did get one in an earlier box.

"An all-new epic tale of terror and redemption set in the hinterlands of midcentury New Mexico from the acclaimed author of The Troop—which Stephen King raved “scared the hell out of me and I couldn’t put it down...old-school horror at its best.”

From electrifying horror author Nick Cutter comes a haunting new novel, reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian and Stephen King’s It, in which a trio of mismatched mercenaries is hired by a young woman for a deceptively simple task: check in on her nephew, who may have been taken against his will to a remote New Mexico backwoods settlement called Little Heaven. Shortly after they arrive, things begin to turn ominous. Stirrings in the woods and over the treetops—the brooding shape of a monolith known as the Black Rock casts its terrible pall. Paranoia and distrust grips the settlement. The escape routes are gradually cut off as events spiral towards madness. Hell—or the closest thing to it—invades Little Heaven. The remaining occupants are forced to take a stand and fight back, but whatever has cast its dark eye on Little Heaven is now marshaling its powers...and it wants them all."

I hadn't heard of this book before and am looking forward to reading it! When that'll happen I don't know, but I am intrigued.

Previous Release: Suffer the Children by Craig DiLouie

"From an acclaimed horror writer, a chilling tale of blood-hungry children who rise from the dead in this innovative spin on apocalyptic vampire fiction.

Suffer the Children presents a terrifying tale of apocalyptic fiction, as readers are introduced to Herod's Syndrome, a devastating illness that suddenly and swiftly kills all young children across the globe. Soon, they return from the grave…and ask for blood. And with blood, they stop being dead. They continue to remain the children they once were...but only for a short time, as they need more blood to live. The average human body holds ten pints of blood, so the inevitable question for parents everywhere becomes: How far would you go to bring your child back?"

I apparently had heard of this book but I don't remember when and had forgotten about it. I had it set to "Want to Read" on Goodreads, but I didn't own it yet and now I do! :D

Chapbook: 120 seconds to Light by G.E. Smith

Lord of the Flies Tote Bag (I need to read that book)

Overlook Hotel Bar Glass (A reference to Stephen King's 'The Shining'...I also need to read that book)

Girl in the Cell Anaglyph 3D art by Emma Terry Instagram: @emmat_art (it looks much better with the 3D glasses on!)

Scream Queen (red/blue) anaglyph 3D glasses

Shutter Island matchboxes by Jerily @hereforevermore on Instagram & Etsy

1:5 Get one of two variant hand signed Dee Wallace Pictures (mine is!)

Chance to get one of two variant Cujo or Misery collectible pin, some will get both! (I got Misery)

And of course a super awesome bookmark or two..

I love the value of this box and how it's themed each month! It involves my favorite genres and things I actually like curated around the month's theme. I'm not really sure what to say in a written review on a book box so i'll just go through the items. I am very happy to get the books, one I hadn't heard of that sounds interesting and one I had wanted to check out but forgot about, that i'm also excited to get to! I believe a chapbook is a chapter of a book? So I can check that out. Tote bags are useful as are glasses (and they are both wonderfully bookish, related to certain books!).

They always have an art print or 2 that I need to put up on my walls at some point, or do something with them! Always great art. This month even includes a 3D one! I'm sure the matches will also come in handy at some point and the matchbook is also bookish! Pins are common as well (they always have some wearables, like pins, tote bags, last month they had a hat and I remember socks at some point..). The pin means I need to check out Stephen King's Misery as well! And bookmarks! I believe they have a bookmark in every box too, and they are always welcome! All the bookish items <3 *Squees*

If you like dark books in these genres that are adult and themed bookish items for a good value i'd recommend checking them out if you are looking for a bookish subscription box to try! And no, this isn't sponsored or anything, I just really love this box ^_^.

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