Monday, May 8, 2017

Terror in Tiny Town (Deadtime Stories #1) by A. G. Cascone book thoughts

Title: Terror in Tiny Town
Series: Yes, #1 in Deadtime Stories (all standalones)
Author: A. G. Cascone
Published Date: September 28, 1996
Publisher: Troll Communications
Source: Bought
# of Pages: 121
Genre: Horror/Middle Grade
Read: May 2017

Goodreads Synopsis

"Willy has the coolest train set ever. Even though everything in it is really small, it takes up half the basement. There's a tiny castle with tiny knights in armor and tiny dragons. There's a tiny pioneer village with tiny log cabins and tiny farm equipment. There's even a tiny First Family in Tiny Town, called the Weevils. But ever since Willy added Hurley the Hobo to his tiny collection, Tiny Town has been... well, strange. Willy's toys aren't always where he left them, and sometimes Willy even hears the Tiny Town train hooting in the night. But tiny little figures can't really be plotting to take over Willy's house - can they?"

Rating: 4/5 stars

My Thoughts

This is similar to Goosebumps in that it's a fun horror book for children. Unlike Goosebumps (and I love Goosebumps) the action starts right away, which I loved! Considering it's a short book especially.

I liked the boys Willy and Zack. They definitely aren't "good boys", they are just fairly typical boy children. It's a fast-paced creepy story about toys coming alive and being evil. It's fun, it's silly, and it's creepy. I could definitely see child me being really scared of this book, like I had been with Goosebumps (and I think I may have read this one as a child because it seems familiar to me). Even as an adult I found it a fun read. I also wasn't expecting everything in the story, and I like how it went. I wish I had more Deadtime Stories books.

If you are a fan of Goosebumps or children's horror books I definitely found it a good read!

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