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Twice Dead: Contagion by Suchitra Chatterjee book thoughts

Title: Twice Dead: Contagion
Series: Yes, Book 1 of planned trilogy
Author: Suchitra Chatterjee
Published Date: September 1st, 2016
Publisher: Amazon
Source: I heard of it when it was free one day and got it
# of Pages: 490
Genre: Horror/Zombies/Adult
Read: May 2017

Goodreads Synopsis

"What do you do when your world ends, Zombies are eating your friends and family, and you just happen to live in Thorncroft, a residential home for people with disabilities?

You fight back in the only you know how, by using the skills of those around you.

There's a cricket bat/sword wielding Paralympian, a girl with a heightened sense of smell, a computer hacker with scarily accurate conspiracy theories, not to mention a former racing driver, now in a wheelchair who likes to tinker with speed, a girl with oodles of sex appeal, a volatile young man with the strength of Hercules, a dying boy with space travel on his mind and a young woman with a deadly family secret.

And then there are the American soldiers, are they friend or foe? Only time will tell.

Kicking Zombie booty though is the least of everyones problems, but where there is a will there are the Thorncroft residents and their allies.

Just don't call them inspirational... "

Rating: 3.5/5

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My Thoughts

TW: R-word, sexual content, some language and gore (zombies after all), mention of r*pe, depression, suicide, murder

Disabled people fighting back in a zombie apocolypse. Something i've wanted for such a long time! The author is also disabled (in a wheelchair and on the autistic spectrum, it's on her amazon page). There is a main character in a wheelchair as well as the main character/narrator and another character is biracial, as is the author. There are several disabled (physically as well as mentally, including autism) disabled characters, as expected and they are the main characters, one of them being the narrator. There are also POC and a side (and important to the story) gay couple.

I'll start off with the negatives and end with the positives seeing as I did like this book! First i'll address the R-word trigger warning. I believe it's always ment to be seen as a bad thing to say, however it is said multiple times and even if ment to be seen as bad can still trigger people none-the-less, so I mention it. I feel like I should mention that cigarettes are called what they are called in the UK in the book (both where the author is from and where it takes place) which is like "I need a fag" which is for "I need a cigarette", as obviously in the US for example they are not called that and someone might think the wrong thing.

There are quite a bit of grammar/typo errors though that is actually mentioned at the back of the book, where it's still being updated grammar wise. I didn't mind that much as I could still figure it all out, but I know that bothers some people more than it bothers me.

I did have some issues and things I didn't agree with here and there but most of them were actually mentioned over time. I still have an issue with the character of Wolf, but he's not all bad. I think part of that (being vague to avoid spoilers) is that I saw a bit too much of myself in Lucia (the MC/narrator) and have an issue with authority/military people. It's my personality, much like Lucia's. I can't say too much without spoiling it but Wolf isn't all bad but that doesn't mean I have to like him.

There is one kind of awkward sex-scene that I don't entirely know how to feel about. Also at times I felt like my feelings on the book where going up and down but often that was just because I had to read some more to get to where something was addressed.

I also had some issues with the way some bathroom related stuff was treated in one instance and seeing as I was born with imperforate anus and as such my life has revolved around that kind of stuff. I got the point of it and I don't dislike the book for it or anything, it just rubbed me in the wrong way a little bit.

I could see people saying this is slow to start. In a way it is but at the same time I didn't mind it one bit, because that "slow start" was getting to know the characters and about disability. Personally I loved it! Actually some would find it a slow book over-all I imagine but again, it's pretty character-driven. You get to know the characters and learn about their disabilities and lives. I will say the writing at times left something to be desired but it wasn't bad to me. It's a first novel and I can see room for improvement. If you are just looking for an action-packed zombie gore-filled book, this isn't your book. However if getting to know some interesting and complex disabled characters surviving and fighting in a zombie apocalypse/end of the world type thing sounds good to you give it a shot! There is some action too of course.

I enjoyed the characters. No one is perfect, they are all different with their own personalities, and they are over-all good people. I enjoyed getting to know them and learning some new things along the way! I also loved how even though they had disabilities it was shown that they still had value and could contribute and were valuable in their own ways over time. Inspiration porn was also unpacked (as can probably be guessed by the synopsis).

I also related quite a lot at times to Lucia and her thoughts and feelings.

I liked that it unpacked some things about disability and ableism as well.

I also enjoyed the information at the back of the book. It has information on the terms in the book (which are explained in the story), info on the characters, on their disabilities from real life, and what went into making the story. There is spoilery stuff at the back of the book so if you flip back there be careful but it doesn't start until after the story so.., but if you choose to give this book a chance and dnf it please do check out the back! It has a lot of interesting information.

Over all I liked it, am interested in picking up the sequel once it's out as I want to know what happens and have some more time with the characters, and if it sounds up your alley give it a shot!

**mild spoilers**

Also I don't really want to spoil anything so I won't say too much but I know I have to say none of the disabled people commit suicide! I have that as a trigger warning for reasons that will be obvious while reading but I know that might make it sound bad and give people the wrong impression, so I have to mention that! And no one murders them either. Saying all that might be considered mild-spoilers, i'm not sure, but I know it's important to people and I don't want to give off the wrong impression of it.

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