Saturday, July 1, 2017

June Book Haul #3

Kindle Books

All of these Ebooks were free. Bookbub, Instafreebie, going through my wtr on goodreads and trying to sort them and just randomly coming across them, netgalley...

The Girl in Between by Laekan Zea Kemp

The Variant Saga: Books 1-4 by J.N. Chaney

Love Restored by Carrie Ann Ryan

Only the Dead Don't Die by A.D. Popovich

The Funhouse of Horrors: Graphic Novel by Jazan Wild

Death Overdue: A Haunted Library Mystery by Allison Brook and Marilyn Levinson


If Angels Fall by Rick Mofina

Walking on Knives by Maya Chhabra


Blood Lust by D.J. Shaw

The Rocker Series: Demon's Wings Collection 1-6 by Terri Anne Browning

Tease by Alexis Anne

The Ridge by Carmen-Shea Hepburn

Environmentally Friendly by Elias Zanbaka

Slush by Glenn Rolfe

A Different Blue by Amy Harmon

The Reaper's Kiss by Abigail Baker

A Dream of Storms by William J. Kenney

The Remnant Keeper by Robert Scott-Norton

Stray by Andrea K. Höst

Beneath Burning Sands by P.R. Adams

No Option to Fail does not currently exist on Goodreads, also I got it from Instafreebie with NO synopsis, so I have NO idea what it's about but I took a shot because that cover <3

The Impossible Adventure also does not currently exist on Goodreads, but it has to do with the next 2 books which do and are about vampires, so yeah (apparently not the first in the series but I don't remember what it said about it & can't find it)..(also Instafreebie)

The Impossible Creation: The Clan-Vampire Clash, A Prequel by Betsy Flak

The Unleashed Creation: The Clan-Vampire Clash, A Prequel by Betsy Flak

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