Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July 2017 Wrap up, Book Haul #3, and August Want to Read

July 2017 Wrap Up

This month's ratings from highest to lowest

Saga Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan 5 stars
I Hate Fairyland, Vol. 1: Madly Ever After by Skottie Young 5 stars
Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera 4.5 stars
Since you've been gone by Morgan Matson 4.5 stars
Cinnamon & Cigarettes by Samantha Kate 4.25 stars
The Lonely Merman by Kay Berrisford 4.25 stars
Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton 4 stars
Walking on knives by Maya Chhabra 2 stars

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July 2017 Book Haul #3 (All Kindle)

All the kindle books were free. I was surprised to learn the Frankenstein most people read...is not the original one. Seems Mary was made to make it "more conservative", how i'm not exactly sure. This kindle version (on Amazon, still free right now at least in the US, not sure of anything else) is the original uncensored version. I have read Frankenstein but then I took a look and it's the 1831 more "conservative" version, the more commonly read one. I liked Frankenstein but I am so curious as to what it was really ment to be! Thank you Amazon!

August Want to Read

As usual, will see what I end up getting to. Here is what is currently on my radar for one reason or another.

I also want to pick up 2 graphic novels but I have more than just 2 options and i'm not sure which ones i'll be picking up, but hopefully 2 of them. I got Aaru from the author as I had also got his previous book "The Reflections of Queen Snow White" and reviewed it. "My Life as a White Trash Zombie" is for Candybook Land (surprised i'm still doing that on track, one a month). The Martian is a Top 15 books to read this year pick. "Lustmord" and "An Uncertain Grace" are a couple books from Netgalley (though I do also have plenty of other Netgalley books).

Month: August
Place#: 19 Red
Task: Read a Paranormal/Urban Fantasy book
Book: My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland

What did you read in July, get in July or hope to read in August? Read any of these books and have thoughts? (No spoilers please)

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