Friday, November 29, 2019

2020 Goals!

1) My most important goal for 2020? Figure out how to mood-read! I know people complain about being mood-readers and here I am complaining about actually being able to stick to TBR's (granted I usually can't finish all the books because I make them too ambitious but everything I read is on the TBR's). Why am I complaining about being able to stick to TBR's? Because I make them out of buddy reads/group reads/readathons/time of the year and...really really want to read other books I just never get to. Things keep getting pushed aside or ignored for one reason or another and i've had enough of it. I read as a hobby. I read for many reasons but the most important one to me is for fun and enjoyment. That's it.

I want to find a love of reading that I forgot. I said before I found it again thanks to booktube but I realize now I only partially did because I got caught up in TBR's to my detriment and forgot the joy of mood-reading. Just picking up what I wanted when I wanted to pick it up. I miss that so much. So my December TBR for 2019? I hope that's the last TBR I ever make. I will still participate in buddy and group reads and readathons if I want to. But no more TBR's. I'm not against them for others of course, just for me personally.

I do still plan on participating in the Goosebumps Book Club and the R.L. Stine Buddy Reads in the Horror Aficionados Goodreads Group. None of those books take long anyway and I (usually) enjoy R.L. Stine. I also have a Goodreads Group Creatures, Creatures Everywhere! that I plan to participate in the group reads as often as possible. Other than's whatever I decide to pick up! I'll ask myself what mood i'm in, how i'm feeling, if a book is calling my name. What will I read in 2020 and beyond? Who knows! I hope I have fun finding out!

2) No more Goodreads challenge! I'm not against it. I just don't think it serves me to do it anymore going forward. I'm glad i've done it the past few years, but it's stressful. And that isn't why I read. I like Mother Horror's blog post about a Goodreads rest Here. I was already planning on doing the same thing when I saw it and i'm glad to see it's not just me! I'll still be ON Goodreads, so if you follow me there you can see what I pick up and all that, I just won't have a set Goodreads challenge. I can still see in my shelves my stats and books for the year even without the challenge. And i'll keep track of stuff in my bullet journal.

3) Read more comics. I have comixology. I need to freaking use it!

4) Read at least 8 books from my 40 books I want to read before I turn 40 list. I'm not behind on anything I just would like to not actually take until i'm 40 to read them all lol. If possible anyway. No set 8, i've read 4 of them so far so i'm on track. That leaves 36 to choose from. My birthday is technically in February so it's close enough to the start of the year to mention it. I'll be 31. o_o

5) Do More Hobbies. Create art, play video games, do puzzles, watch tv and movies...maybe start writing. Basically do the hobbies I want to do when I want to do them. And I may blog about them too! 2020 will be my year of learning self-care and how to do me, I hope.

6) It would be nice if I could read what I have from Netgalley, and preferably stay away from Netgalley after that but we shall see.

Other: I hope to do a lot of things in 2020 but I just want to see what the year will bring. I hope to blog more. I hope to read diversely in all ways. I hope to learn to draw. Play some fun games. Be 100% me. Be happy. As happy as I can be anyway. I'm scared of 2020 but also hopeful for it as well. What do you plan for in 2020? What are your goals?

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