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My name is Stephanie, i'm an Aquarius and born in 1989. February 10th to be exact ;). I tend to go by Wickedjr89 everywhere simply because when I was a junior in high school my one-year ahead of me friend, nicknamed 'Wicked' "Passed down" her nickname to me and deemed me Wicked Jr...and it stuck with me.

I love to read a variety of things. The genres I tend to gravitate towards are Horror, Fantasy, Contemporary, Sci-fi, and Mystery/thrillers. I especially love books that are in some way LGBTQIA+ and tend to prefer those contemporaries mostly and would appreciate more LGBTQIA+ characters in books in all genres. I am bisexual and disabled (I have vacterl association among other things) and as such particularly love bisexual and disabled characters, even more so when it's own voices.

I read for a variety of reasons. Life is stressful and I live in chronic pain, I read to escape. I read for fun and pleasure. I read to learn, to go on journeys, to expand my mind and keep it active.

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Some random facts about me

1. I wear my socks inside out because the line thing irritates me so badly

2. My favorite colors remind me of the sea or water. Blues and greens.

3. I loved Backstreet Boys and N'sync growing up in the 90s...and liking both back then was treated as some sort of sin.

4. I had a furby as a kid...it scared me so badly. I swear that thing talked even after I took it's batteries out. I threw it away because I was worried it was going to murder me in my sleep.

5. Rocket Power was my favorite show as a kid.

6. My weakness is pizza.

7. I have 3 tattoos, a peace sign on my wrist, my grandma's name in a rose on my calf and a hatchet girl (ICP) on my shoulder.

8. I love Sims. Mostly Sims 2 and 3.

9. I also enjoy racing games, Zelda, Pokemon, Mortal Kombat and MMO's.

10. I have 9, not 10, fingers as I was born with a hypoplastic thumb on my left hand, had a pollicization surgery at age 2. I love my 4 fingered left hand ^_^ I even have a shirt that says "10 fingers are overrated" by luckyfinproject.org

11. I am a Hufflepuff

12. I have 2 cats and a dog as well that I love.

Maybe i'll add more at some point..also..me

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