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Due to Goodreads I started off with the 5 star rating, though not exactly how Goodreads said (2 stars out of 5 is ok?) and since i've been reading more I've ended up going to quarter stars (rounding up or down on Goodreads as appropriate) and I know that can be a lot so here i'll do my best to say what each rating means to me personally.

There will be a TL;DR at the bottom.

1 star- The lowest...what is this? It could be very problematic or it could just be that boring and uninteresting to me and I can't find anything or much redeeming about it. I just really didn't like this book.

1.25 stars- Honestly this feels like adding insult to injury and I don't think i'll ever be using this rating. If I do it'd mean there is one tiny thing that I think is good in the entire book. Basically I feel like 1 star hurts less than adding a .25 to it...like adding salt to a wound.

1.5 stars- It wasn't necessarily all bad but over-all I couldn't stand it, even though there were parts or a particular thing I did enjoy. But definitely not a good rating by far.

1.75 stars- I want to give this book more than 1 star on Goodreads because it isn't that bad to deserve just 1 star but it's a low 2. I didn't care for it. The characters and plot didn't grip me and the book might have some problematic aspects. I probably didn't want to finish this book (and it may have been a DNF).

2 stars- Not for me, could have significant problems. Didn't care for the characters or the plot. Not necessarily all bad, could just be a seriously not for me book.

2.25 stars- Honestly I haven't used this rating so not sure how it would differ from a 2 stars. Simply a high or solid 2 stars but that still isn't good..Probably just a book that isn't to my tastes

2.5 stars- Mostly just a book that isn't to my tastes OR a book that I may have liked parts of but other parts of it I really didn't and over-all disliked it a bit more than I liked it. Could probably see why others would like it more than I did though.

2.75 stars- It was a mostly ok or decent book but I slightly disliked it somehow but not enough to knock it down to 2 stars.

3 stars- Decent book. May have liked and disliked parts of it and over-all found it alright. I don't hate it or dislike it but I didn't love it either. Could just be a book that wasn't for me but again, it was decent.

3.25 stars- A solid 3 stars, slightly edging towards I liked this book but not quite enough.

3.5 stars- This is where I start to consider it a very good rating. I genuinely enjoyed this book. I may not have *loved* it or I may have had some issues with it but overall I really did enjoy this book and would probably recommend it to others who it sounds up their alley. Not a favorite but did I enjoy reading it and am glad to have read it. I round these (and 3.75 too) up to 4, so it's a low 4 but still a 4 star.

3.75 stars- Not sure how to explain it any differently than 3.5 but I did very much enjoy this book. Maybe just one thing or something driving it down to 3.75 but it either wasn't that bad or I was able to overlook it as I really enjoyed the rest of it. Or simply just a book I really enjoyed reading, isn't a favorite though but would recommend it to others.

4 stars- Very much loved this book! It may not be a favorite but is probably an honorable mention!

4.25 stars- A strong 4 stars. I loved this book, definitely an honorable mention! It not being 5 stars doesn't necessarily mean there is anything wrong with the book (though their could be but at this point isn't wasn't too bad to me, it would be small things if anything) it just means I really loved this book, it's just not a life-changing favorite or anything. Really glad I read it and a wonderful read!

4.5 stars- I round these up to 5 stars so I obviously loved this book! It may or may not be a favorite but it probably is, if not it's an honorable mention for sure. Possibly small issues OR it just didn't have that 5 star omg life changing favorite book everyone must read this punch. I don't know how to describe it but regardless, i'd consider this a very great book!

4.75 stars- ok i'm being nitpicky about something probably or again, loved it so so much but lacking a certain punch I can't really describe but I loved it sooo much!! <3

5 stars- YESSS. This is one of those I want to push this book on everyone, favorite must reads! Definite tears. I probably hugged the book too.

Of course everything is subjective and a 5 star rating for one book isn't going to mean exactly the same thing as one for another book (and that goes for all ratings). Hopefully though this gives at least a general idea of my ratings.

4 and 5 star ratings are common for me as i'm pretty good at picking out books i'll like. I'm not going to pick up a book if I don't think i'll enjoy it. Obviously i'm not always right but I am pretty good at knowing my own tastes most of the time.


1-1.5 stars- I really did not like anything or much about this book.

1.75-2.5 stars- I didn't hate the book but I didn't like it. It could have problematic issues or it just really wasn't for me. There were probably some things, however small, that I did enjoy.

2.75-3.25 stars- A decent book. I didn't love it but I didn't dislike it. Middle of the road. It was alright.

3.5-4.25 stars- Really enjoyed reading it! Not a favorite but probably close to it, aka an honorable mention! I am glad I read this book and would recommend it to people that think they'd like it.

4.5-5 stars- Loved it! A Favorite book!

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