Monday, February 1, 2016

The Awesome by Eva Darrows Book Review

The Awesome is about 17 year old Maggie. Raised in the monster hunting business she's quite the character. She is sassy, has a crude mouth, tough, and is into survival and monster hunting more than anything. Ghosts, Vampires, Zombies? Yeah...they are all real. It does have Buffy and Supernatural vibes too.

Unfortunately for Maggie in order to get her journeyman license she has to lose her virginity because virgin blood turns vampires into pointy rage monsters, they just love the stuff. Trying to find herself someone to do the deed with and fit in with her fellow peers proves more daunting than she expected.

This book is about more than just what it sounds like though! It's funny, crude, action-packed, has great themes, feelings, and a mother-daughter relationship that while not perfect, they do love each other!

If you are not into language and crude humor, you won't like this book. If that doesn't bother you be prepared to laugh! Through Maggie trying to lose the big V and the blunders that happen, through her mom's shenanigans, and Maggie's sense of humor and personality it was quite a fun ride! There is more to this book though, short and easy to read as it may be!

First I want to mention that it is brought up that same-sex sex would STILL count in losing the big V. Maggie is straight but at one point, wondering herself, it is brought up that there are lesbian hunters they know and Maggie asked how that which she got an answer with more information than she wanted. So I really liked that aspect of it!

Maggie has insecurities like most teenage girls do, and the real talk about these insecurities was refreshing. There is some romance in this book, and personally I found it sweet, real and I loved it!

Her mother, has her own problems and flaws as well, but above all does love her daughter, and she tries to be a good mother even when she doesn't really have a clue how to be. She isn't perfect but she tries and loves her daughter. She also doesn't see sex as taboo or something shameful. One part of the book says

"You realize it's totally screwed up that you're fine with me finding a piece of random ass, right? You should be going on some spiel about self-respect right now.
"Why's that?"
"I dunno. Most mothers would."
"Well then most mothers think sex is shameful for a woman and I think that's a heaping pile of shit. As long as you're okay and your boy treated you right, no spiel. If he treated you bad, i'll cram his dick down his throat and watch him choke."

So that does show some of the language in the book, but personally it didn't bother me at all, but I know some people it might, as it does get quite a bit, but it also shows a part of the book I adored. The theme of sex isn't shameful, it's natural and shouldn't be a taboo in and of itself.

This book also goes into loving yourself and your body for who you are. In the acknowledgements at the end of the book "If people take anything away from this book (beyond bawdy humor and a few new creative curse words) it's that the world isn't ever going to validate you, so you better get good at doing it yourself. There's no shame in knowing your worth as a human being-in knowing how awesome you really are"

I loved that this book took real flaws, and insecurities, and talked about them in a real way. I could relate to some of Maggie's insecurities myself and i'm sure others out there would to. The synoposis makes it sound like it's all about getting "The Sex" and it's not. That is a PART of it, not all of it! There is so much more with the parent-child relationship and Maggie's insecurities. It's a fun, funny, short kick-ass book with some feelings thrown it and great messages!

4.75 stars out of 5 from me and another favorite book!

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