Monday, March 7, 2016

The reflections of Queen Snow White Book Review

This book was given to me by the author for an honest review.

In this story we see an older Snow White grieving the loss of her husband. We also get to see her past, both her growing up being abused by her evil step-mother, and her being a Queen, and how she gets there. We see her flaws, her feelings, and we also see her being strong even when she doesn't realize it.

It's told in the same classic fairy-tale style of the original brother's Grimm story. There are also great lessons to be learned in this story.

I may not have loved every single thing but I did really enjoy most of it and had it had me very engaged and wanting to know more while I was reading.

Their is emotional and physical abuse, as well as sexual content but it's not overwhelming, it's just a wedding night and conceiving a child, both important to the story.

This story has some hard lessons in it about grief and what being strong really means. I loved Snow White and hearing more about her life! I hadn't read the original yet as i'm in the middle of reading the Grimm fairy tales so I skipped ahead right before getting into this story to read the original first and then dived into this story.

I loved the pacing, it didn't feel dragged on and at the end I was satisfied with everything. The writing was well done as were the characters. The story about Snow White's life and the lessons learned are where this book really shines though. I may have had some issues here and there but over-all I really enjoyed it and just don't want to spoil anything! I do recommend it if you are into fairy tales or Snow White in particular.

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