Friday, May 20, 2016

Citrus Volume 2 Book Review

The Blurb

"Yuzu and Mei may be step-sisters, but that's about all the two girls have in common. Yuzu is an outgoing girly-girl who cares more about fashion than school work, while Mei is the serious student council president. Yet despite their differences, or perhaps because of them, the two girls find themselves drawn to each other...

Mei has been running herself ragged trying to oversee the school, and Yuzu is worried about her. When Mei's dad comes home from a business trip, however, it looks like the cavalry has arrived. Unfortunately, his presence opens up old wounds between father and daughter, and Yuzu finds herself caught in the middle. Will Yuzu put aside her feelings for Mei to help fix this family feud?"

My Thoughts

I probably should have re-read the first volume but I did look back at the review I did for it, a bit on Goodreads and scanned a bit of it. Laziness? Maybe but...meh, here we are.

I had a couple problems with it (probably partly because my memory sucks even though I know I loved volume 1) but overall I still enjoyed it! I love Yuzu, and while I have issues with Mei I can see where she is coming from. It doesn't excuse Mei's crappy behavior, but she is 16, hurt and depressed, I still felt for her (she can be a jerk). I'm not sure how to feel on Momokino just yet. They both want so badly to protect Mei, while Mei...i'm not sure she knows what she wants.

I enjoyed the characters, story, artwork. I like how, you'd think this being a Yuri Manga would be more sexual than it actually is. They aren't over-sexualized.

Ultimately I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Thankfully I have volume 3 and 4 so I can read those soon before I forget too much!

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