Friday, May 6, 2016

"Love: The Lion" Book Review

I got this book from netgalley (at least temporarily, it's some protected PDF file that I think expires eventually but is still available to "read now" during May and is expected to come out July 12th, 2016) and it's a graphic novel with no words so i'm not sure I can post a picture? But i'll link the Goodreads page Here.

The Blurb

"The third volume in the lavishly illustrated series of wildlife graphic novels, each following a single central animal through an adventurous day in their natural environment. Each tale depicts genuine natural behavior through the dramatic lens of Disney-esque storytelling, like a nature documentary in illustration. Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, this volume focuses on a solitary Lion as it wanders the plains of Africa, handling the daily hunt, and vicious rivalry, without a Pride of its own. The circle of Life takes center stage in a world where predator and prey trade places on a regular basis, and Family is something worth fighting -- and dying -- for. This exciting tale, written by Frederic Brremaud, is told without narration or dialogue, conveyed entirely through the beautiful illustrations of Federico Bertolucci. A beautiful, powerful tale of survival in the animal kingdom that explores the all-too-identifiable, universal concepts of Life, Courage, Aging, and ultimately Love."

Seeing it on the computer...I don't think it looked as good as it would in physical form as it was tinier though I could make it larger but then it took forever to scroll (it was really slow) and I was impatient..anyway the artwork was beautiful and I could, mostly, follow the story even without words. It was bittersweet, and does have gory nature scenes, not inappropriately just mentioning it for anyone who doesn't want to see that. I felt for the lion even just through pictures and was kinda surprised by that for some reason. I gave it 3.25 stars but if I buy it when it comes out seeing it physically I wouldn't be surprised if I up my rating. I enjoyed it for what it was.

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