Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sunstone Volume 2 Book Review

The Blurb

"Two women - Ally and Lisa - find they're the perfect domme and sub for each other. Everything seems perfect. And yet... . remember, it's all fun and games till someone falls in love! The hotly-anticipated second volume of the BDSM romance graphic novel that (consensualy) took the world by storm! Originally a webcomic sensation, Sunstone is an erotic romantic comedy about fetishism, sexuality and relationships."

A F/F BDSM love affair...sounds like pure porn right? There really isn't any of that, it's about so much more! Sure there is the occasional toplessness or near-nudity but this is a story about love, trust, courage, and being yourself. It talks about BDSM in a real and healthy way. I love the characters, they are flawed sure, real, and great lovable characters! In this volume, Ally and Lisa take the next hesitant steps in their deepening relationship, and more friends come into the picture. We also get to know some of their regrets and fears.

I love the way he portrays these Queer women as well as the BDSM community. They are humanized beautifully. Not only does he introduce you to the world of BDSM, he does it in a way that removes the fear of the unknown and replaces it with fascination and understanding. Each character is treated with love and respect. It's tasteful, funny, emotional, sexy, and beautifully made. This is art.

There aren't any inappropriate or exploitative images. The art style is amazing, striking the right balance between realistic and cartoonish, as to handle both the humor and the serious aspects very nicely.

There are no boring walls of text yet it still explains everything it needs to and gives all the feels. I have grown to love these characters and can't wait to dive into Volume 3!

5 out of 5 stars from me :)

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