Saturday, June 25, 2016

Into the Light by Aleatha Romig Book Review

The Blurb

"Sara Adams awakes blind, unable to remember the most basic details of her life, but her darkness seems a blessing when she discovers the terrors of The Light.

Stella Montgomery investigates the news on the mean streets of Detroit, where she’s noticed a disturbing trend: young women are vanishing. When her best friend disappears, Stella investigates—despite warnings from her police detective boyfriend—following a twisted trail that leads her through the city’s most dangerous and forsaken precincts. There she uncovers something more sinister than she could have imagined: a shadowy organization known as The Light, led by the enigmatic Father Gabriel.

As Sara struggles to understand her place in the strange world she’s awakened to—an oppressive cult demanding unquestioning obedience—and her feelings for Jacob, the husband she can’t recall and whose harsh and tender attentions confuse and beguile her, Stella risks all to discover the truth. But enlightenment always comes with a price…"

My Thoughts

Wow! That was one heck of a ride! There are a few POV's: Sara, Stella, and Jacob. At no point was I confused (and I get confused easily). It was a quicker read than I expected but that was because I just wanted to keep reading and find out what was going on!

It had me feeling anger, confusing feelings of who to hate and who to like (because I was still figuring out the puzzle pieces), and surprise when it finally fell into place! And I loved every second of it!

I've wanted to use questions to help me talk about a book for awhile now but was hesitant, I think i'm just going to start now, because reasons.

1. How was the pacing?

Great! I was interested from the start and as I kept reading it picked up more and more until I was hating that I couldn't read faster or longer! I never felt bored or like it lagged at all.

2. How were the characters?

They felt realistic to me, everyone was flawed and there are good and bad guys and also gray-areas. I felt for the characters, or at least the ones I was supposed to.

3. Feelings?

There weren't any tears but i'm not sure there was ment to be, but even though it didn't bring me to tears there were plenty of feelings! Mostly anger, but that's what it seems set out to do. Bad situations, people etc. There were good feelings as well at times even though I couldn't always make sense of them until later because it is a mystery and I don't want to give anything away.

4. How was the writing and language?

I liked the writing. Honestly i'm not good at figuring out writing styles or anything, as long as it doesn't feel stilted or something i'm good, and it didn't feel stitled or anything. Flowed well to me and I got immersed in it. The language was good too, the context helped me figure out everything I needed to know and even the few words I looked up I didn't really have to because of context, I just don't think I have a great vocabulary and want to work on that.

5. World-building?

It's set in the real world, with things going on that very well could happen, so it wasn't hard to imagine anything.

6. Since the sequel is set to come out in October do I plan on buying it?

Yes! I have got to know what happens!!

I gave it 4.75 out of 5 stars

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