Thursday, November 3, 2016

Away from the Dark (The Light #2) by Aleatha Romig Book Thoughts

The Blurb

"Nine months ago, Sara Adams awoke with no memory. The man holding her hand told her she’s a member of The Light, a tight-knit religious group led by the terrifying and charismatic Father Gabriel. As a woman in the community of The Light, her duty is to be unquestionably obedient and to submit to the will of her husband.

But as Sara’s memory starts to return and she remembers her past, she sees that everything she’s been told is a lie. The Light is an insidious and dangerous organization, and its corrupting influence reaches well beyond the confines of the remote campus where Sara is being held.

With everything at stake, Sara struggles to sort out her true memories from her indoctrination. The desire to escape consumes her, but who can she trust? And which other followers of The Light were forced into this life, brainwashed to believe they belonged? The more she remembers, the more it becomes clear that Jacob, the man who calls himself her husband, is keeping shattering secrets of his own.

But Sara cannot flee alone, leaving innocents behind. She must fight to extinguish The Light."

My Thoughts

Wow that was one hell of a ride! This is book #2 in The Light Duology. I got both of them from netgalley for an honest review, so much thanks to the publisher!

Sara now sees deceit everywhere she turns. Who can she trust as she tries to put reality and the pieces of her life back together?

Jacob is willing to risk everything he's worked for to keep his wife safe from harm, even when it means having to become the monster she fears most. Keeping her alive and safe is his priority, but at what cost?

There are lies, mystery, deciet, gray-areas out the wazoo, stuff isn't black and white. Trying to figure out the truth keeps bringing up more puzzle pieces...and the truth is more horrifying than the lies.

There are heightened emotions, lots of suspense, you never know what is going to happen next or what new truth will be revealed. This was a much faster paced read than the first one and it completely sucked me in.

It is told from a few different POV's which makes it easier to process the huge and complex information coming at you. I tend to get confused easily but as puzzle pieces and information fell into place I was able to follow along, even though the plot is very complex and fast-paced. The multiple POV's really helped with this.

I loved how Jacob and Sara's relationship was not immature. They managed to make choice decisions with little to no added drama. It's a messed up world they live in, where greed and power run amok.

Honestly this is seriously making me think, rather thought-provoking with real life situations and frightening in a very real way. I am struggling to not overthink it...because it is just fiction after all...right?

This duology has messed with my mind and emotions in the best possible way! It has made me question things I thought I knew but didn't and obliterated a clear sense of right and wrong with gray-areas. The characters and plot were very well developed and complex. There were many times I was talking out loud to the book as I was reading. It was an awesome reading experience and I definitely want to check out her other books!

I don't want to say too much, this is a story you have to just jump into and experience for yourself! Highly recommend this mystery/thriller duology! 5 out of 5 stars from me and a new favorite!

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