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My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland book thoughts

Title: My Life as a White Trash Zombie
Series: Yes (White Trash Zombie #1)
Author: Diana Rowland
Published Date: Publisher: DAW
Source: I bought it
# of Pages: Format: 310
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Days to Read: 5
Rating: 4.75/5 stars
Would I recommend it?: Yes
Would I read more books by this Author?: Yes
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Goodreads Synopsis

Angel Crawford is a loser.

Living with her alcoholic deadbeat dad in the swamps of southern Louisiana, she's a high school dropout with a pill habit and a criminal record who's been fired from more crap jobs than she can count. Now on probation for a felony, it seems that Angel will never pull herself out of the downward spiral her life has taken.

That is, until the day she wakes up in the ER after overdosing on painkillers. Angel remembers being in an horrible car crash, but she doesn't have a mark on her. To add to the weirdness, she receives an anonymous letter telling her there's a job waiting for her at the parish morgue—and that it's an offer she doesn't dare refuse.

Before she knows it she's dealing with a huge crush on a certain hunky deputy and a brand new addiction: an overpowering craving for brains. Plus, her morgue is filling up with the victims of a serial killer who decapitates his prey—just when she's hungriest!

Angel's going to have to grow up fast if she wants to keep this job and stay in one piece. Because if she doesn't, she's dead meat.


My Thoughts

TW: Abuse, Suicide, Rape (no suicide or rape is in the book but if you read it you'll understand the trigger warnings), r-word (one instance that I noticed)

I'd heard some good things about this book and it sounded interesting, so I picked it up and i'm so glad I did! Not only was it entertaining but it was also deeper and had a bigger impact than I was expecting!

Angel is such an amazing character! She's flawed, human (or...sort of being a zombie but you know what I mean). She's had a rough life. Her and her dad live in a trailer with her father's beer bottles littering the driveway. The abuse is from him to her. Her mother wasn't much better but is no longer around. I don't know how to adequately describe it all but suffice it to say she hasn't had it easy. She dropped out of high school, got addicted to pills, has issues from the way her father treats her and not really knowing how to be a grown up because no one was there to teach her life skills.

She goes through a lot of character development through-out the novel. She nearly dies and would have if she hadn't been turned into a zombie, essentially giving her a second chance. She gets a job at a morgue, which she doesn't understand why at first or how but it eventually becomes clear. She has to learn how to grow up if she is to survive. She's 21.

This book shows the effects of abuse and it never condones or normalizes it. She learns that she doesn't deserve that crap and learns how to stand up for herself. She's a caring person, realistically flawed, and she really grows into herself and is a strong character (and i'm not talking the hyped up on brains zombie strength). Angel is my favorite part about this book! I loved the entire thing though.

The plot was interesting and had me wanting to read on and know more, the writing sucked me in, the pacing was steady and picked up even more in the second half. I was never bored. I cried multiple times, I hugged the book and I squealed with joy. It made me think and at times hit really close to home for me. This story truly gave me all the feels! There are well written characters, interesting zombies, mystery and feels wrapped up in a bad-ass fast paced package!

If it sounds at all interesting to you i'd highly recommend giving this story a read! I can't wait to pick up the rest of the series!

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