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Deadly Partnership: Murder, Blackmail and Voices from the Spirit World by Richard Gardner book thoughts

Title: Deadly Partnership: Murder, Blackmail and Voices from the Spirit World
Series: No
Author: Richard Gardner
Published Date: May 24th, 2017
Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing
Source: From Author
# of Pages: 339
Format: Digital/PDF
Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Paranormal
Days to Read: 3
Rating: 4 / 5 stars
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Goodreads Synopsis

On his retirement, widower Paul Jenkins decides to live with his sister by the sea. But having moved in, the idyllic life that he has been hankering after is thrown into turmoil when he comes face to face with a burglar in the middle of the night.

His impulsive reaction to the intrusion has disturbing consequences when he is confronted with some unsavoury characters. However, it is the dead that he has far more to fear from.

My Thoughts

Paul retires and decides to move back into his childhood home with his sister Julie. He's happy to fix up the house and live there, hang out with ol' buddies, drink and talk about days gone by. There is a burglar sneaking through windows into people's houses at night. One night when Paul and his son Gary get drunk and Paul forgets to shut the windows the burglar sneaks in and Paul wakes up to find someone sneaking through drawers in the dining room. The guy turns around and Paul panics, he had picked up a hammer on the way to the dining room for protection, and he swings the hammer and hits him very hard, killing him. This story follows events that happen relating to that.

I really did enjoy the plot, with needing to know what was going to happen as a result. It's more of a slow-paced book but in a way that kept me hooked and interested in what was happening. I didn't like really anyone in the book, but that seems to be part of the point. At some points I would think Paul isn't so bad, I actually like him and understand him. Then not too long after i'd be hating him again. It definitely had me thinking.

It's hard trying to write a review for this book simply because I don't want to spoil anything. Also saying it's a mystery sounds wrong but I don't know how else to describe it. You often know what's happened, you're following who did it, it isn't about trying to find out who did what, you already know. It's about finding out consequences, learning about different characters, and making you think about events and people. I also enjoyed finding out more pieces I didn't know existed to the puzzle and I thought the ending really fit the story. Mystery and spiritualism melded really nicely. There is a psychic who can talk to spirits and I loved how that was weaved into the story.

This book isn't necessarily perfect but I really enjoyed it over-all. It kept me interested, needing to know what was going to happen, and got me thinking. If it sounds interesting to you i'd definitely say give it shot!

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