Review Policy

I reserve the right to review any books that I like, and to choose not to accept reviews for books that don’t sound appealing to me or that I don’t have the time or energy for. Reviews are guaranteed to be shared on my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Goodreads, and LibraryThing at least. I am also going to try and remember to leave reviews on Amazon as well.

I do not receive any money for any of the books I review. I mostly review books I have purchased myself, and I do also review books from Netgalley as well. I will note when I'm reviewing a book I received from Netgalley or a publisher.

If you would like me to read and review a book feel free to ask me, you can email me at If it doesn't sound appealing me to or I simply do not have the time or energy at the moment to get to it I will politely decline. A summary of the book you'd like me to review will do, and whatever else you'd like me to know about it.

Physical or Ebooks are fine but if it's an Ebook I need to be able to read it on my tablet using the Amazon Kindle app, so a mobi file would work. I don't do author interviews, giveaways or stuff like that because frankly I have no idea how any of that works and it frightens me, like a deer in headlights.

As for pitching I love many genres. Those I gravitate towards the most, my favorites, are Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary (dealing with hard/real topics specifically, or F/F romance), Horror. I do like Sci-Fi, Mystery/Thrillers and other genres sometimes too. Depends on the book. I do like some romance as well. I don't need a book to have romance but I can enjoy it as well. I also have a fondness for books, of any genre, that have Queer or disabled characters.

I am bisexual and disabled myself as I have vacterl association and listing all my medical issues would take awhile. I also deal with chronic pain and that is why I mention energy as well as time. Normally i'm fine to read but I mention it just in case, as stuff happens.

Middle grade, Young Adult or Adult is all good to me.

Any review I post will be my honest opinions and thoughts. I am always open for discussion and comments. Also if I don't like a book that doesn't mean you won't. The whole disclaimer about we are allowed to have different opinions and tastes.

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