Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 2017 Book Haul #2

Physical books

Kindle Books

All the kindle book were free (bookbub, netgalley, instafreebie, from author etc.)

I got Antisocial from Netgalley but only because I saw a tweet saying "Antisocial is on netgalley" and thought "I'm antisocial! What is this book about?" as I hadn't heard of it and clicked the link, only for it to be auto-added to my shelf and I didn't want it. I went back and looked (I've seen many tweets about books on netgalley and they had never auto-added the book before, just shown you the book page so you could click "request" or "read now" if you wanted to after checking it out) and saw the link had the word "redeem" in it but I didn't notice before because I didn't know that was a thing and like I said, had seen many tweets about netgalley books before that didn't do that (So I assumed and you know what they say about assuming). So who knows when i'll get to it since now I kinda of have to read a book I didn't want in the first place....however I saw I had another book by the same author checked as want to read on Goodreads and Antisocial sounds like I might like it, so I mean I can see if I like it or the author...

Other Netgalley books I did get on purpose are: The Lonely Merman, Savage Woods, Halloween Carnival, Dark Goddess Craft, and The Last Savanna.

What books have you gotten recently? :)

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